Civil Society of Multimedia Authors

Scam comprises directors, authors of interviews and commentaries, writers, translators, journalists, video makers, photographers and illustrators. These creators form the documentary wealth of the audiovisual, radio and new media sectors. Scam represents them in dealings with the lawmaker, producers and broadcasters. It negotiates their economic rights, collects and distributes their royalties, asserts their moral rights and defends their future interests.

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March 12th, 2015 :  Single market... Single culture ?

European culture is a rich heritage of common values.
Europe was built on this foundation following the post-war period. Today, European institutions have inherited this ancient history that has shaped European peoples. What values does Europe promote in the aftermath of the elections and establishment of a new Commission? What role do culture and cultural industries play? What is the policy for the digital revolution? What does the future hold for authors'rights ?
LaScam is organizing a day of general discussion to raise questions about Europe, taking inspiration from Jean Monnet's words: "If I had to do it again, I would begin with culture".

Attended by : Gilles Babinet, Francis Balle, Julie Bertuccelli, Patrick Bloche, Dante Desarthe, Laurence Herszberg, Barbara Gessler, Sergio Ghizzardi, Martin de Haan, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jean-Noël Jeanneney, Guillaume Klossa, Patrick Klugman, Julia Kristeva, David Lacombled, Janine Lorente, Maria Martin-Prat, Catherine Morin-Desailly, Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen, Arnaud Nourry, Rithy Panh, Maria Martin Prat, Pierre-François Racine, Eric Robert, Hervé Rony, Virginie Rozière, Benoît Thieulin...

Meeting followed by cocktail and preview of Rithy Panh's latest film "La France est Notre Patrie" (France is Our Homeland).

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A LaScam event in partnership with : SAA, ARP, SATEV, SGDL, SNE, SPI, USPA,
Mairie de Paris (Paris City Hall), Forum des images, Forum d'Avignon,
EurActiv, L'Observatoire des médias (The Media Observatory), News Tank Culture, WGR.

Short films series on Authors' Rights

Directed by Joris Clerté & Joyce Colson
Written by Anne Jaffrennou
Graphics and animation by Joyce Colson
Voice : Henry Samuel